• WHY: Explaining why eDemocracy is long overdue

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Using IserveU.ca, people will be able to discuss City issues and register votes for upcoming decisions. The software is currently being developed in Yellowknife, if you're a Yellowknifer you can signup and help us develop it it over at yk.iserveu.ca and see the projects code over at github.

Why eDemocracy?

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How IserveU Works?

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Transparency and Accountability

IserveU makes the city government more transparent, accountable and effective by allowing more input into the decision-making process.

Best of Both Worlds

IserveU is the best of both worlds. It lets people vote when they feel strongly about an issue. But on day-to-day business that isn’t of great concern to most people, it lets councillors use the forum to inform their vote.

Great Candidates Regardless

Our candidates are the type of people you’d probably vote for, even if they weren’t running using IserveU. They have ideas, vision and a passion for the City paired with a belief in having as much feedback as possible on every decision.