Coding Updates and an Announcement

Hello all!

We're still at it. Hard at work trying to bring your E-Democracy software to life. We have some specific updates for all of you as we move through the process.

We are making major progress here, and we cannot thank you enough for your patience.

We are humbled by those of you who have stuck with us through this longer-than-expected redevelopment period. We sincerely apologize for the wait. 


It has been a busy and eventful week.

Last week saw more contributions to IserveU's software than we've had since October as well as some international interest in helping with code. Many people were confused about how to get into the system, so we've reworked it. In this screen grab, you can see a wonderfully redesigned landing page for the software. 

Over the last month we've added a pages manager and continued improvements and simplification of the login and authentication system. Now people will be able to check out the platform and the motions without having to be logged in until they wish to vote.

As you all know, we took down the beta testing software while we reworked the site. This was necessary in order to retool and refactor the software as we added features that came up during our public consultations, while strengthening the software. We are nearing a new milestone in the redevelopment process.

We believe we will be able to relaunch the beta testing software very soon. We are aiming to have this next step towards the stable launch come hot on the heels of Good Company — the co-working space spearheaded by the non-coders in our innovation-focused organization — opening its doors in April. We can call it friendly competition!

This will mark the return of a stronger, better, more stable beta than before. We are looking forward to this next step, and making further progress on the E-Democracy project, while we watch our cohorts at Good Company begin to thrive. 

As always, let us know if you have any questions! We thank you all for your continued support and cannot wait to share the improved software with you.