History and Mission


Back in 2012, a few Yellowknifers had an idea for a simple system that could radically change how people weigh in on government decisions. Our city seemed like the ideal theatre for it, but then we did what most people do when they have a decent idea: nothing. We sat on it for three years, until we found ourselves in an election year facing the same old choices. Then, we chose to act — and quickly.

Our Objective

Our goal as an organization is to support creative, innovative ideas and opportunities in the North.

Approach 1: Enhancing Our Democracy

Our flagship initiative is to give Yellowknife the most innovative and engaging municipal government platform in the world for citizens to influence the local decisions that affect the development of their city. Around the world, groups like DemocracyOS and other people-powered parties are launching similar initiatives. There are direct democracy candidates being elected and helping governments become more responsive, accountable and transparent. By electing candidates to City Hall who have chosen to use IserveU — with Rommel Silverio as the first elected councillor in what we hope will be many more in the future — we want Yellowknife to become the world's first ever direct e-democracy.

IserveU will empower the public and enable them to steer our city more than ever. We don’t want to instill our own political beliefs; we want to instill everyone’s. By taking advantage of technology that's long been available, we will create a universally inclusive forum.

Since Rommel Silverio's election as North America's first e-democracy candidate, our coders have been hard at work making the site outstanding, with suggestions added from participants in our recent public meetings being incorporated in the site.

We will have the site launched as soon as we're confident these features have been effectively integrated into the system. This software is yours; we want to make sure its quality is everything you deserve when the system is fully launched. The Beta testing process is continuing to support this.

Approach 2: Supporting Our Innovators

We are working towards building a network with other like-minded Northern innovators, putting on workshops for computer coding, and working with other organizations to promote creativity across a variety of sectors.

Get in touch with us any time if you have any questions about who we are, what we do, or what our vision is for the organization; we'd love to see as many people as possible get involved.