We've Launched; What's Next?

Time for an update on what’s going on at with IserveU since our first version launched last month.

The last 2 years writing the system were pretty crazy as the core team members had to learn almost all of the technology that the system uses from scratch. You can see from our Github commit logs — our main work tracking tool — there was patchy, but consistent work on the project (we are volunteer-led)  with several periods of intense activity leading up to our alpha version (late-2015) and beta version (mid-2016).

Github Commit Chart 

The Week Of

Everything went fairly smoothly. Nothing we worried might happen (i.e. sending the wrong email to the wrong person) ended up happening. We did a series of interviews with local media and Rommel to kick-off the next step. Seeing the traffic hit the site and people arrive voting and commenting without any major issues was a huge relief to the entire team.

Tech Focus

We’re currently working on the version 1.1 — the first new release since our launch — which we plan to push out this month. It is almost entirely focused on front-end, user-centric improvements. One major item we’re tackling is mobile browser performance; an undeniable area for improvement in our initial release. This will be the first of 10 planned releases in the next year to round out version 1. Over on our github page we’ve created a roadmap which outlines our plans for the next 12 months.

Political Focus

We’ve been working with various groups and institutions who are wanting to use IserveU to get information and engage with the public. One organization is currently using IserveU to enhance their deliberations. There’s also talk of doing a podcast as a way to keep people updated on what we’re doing and document some of the weird and wonderful moments of the last couple years.

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