March 28 Meeting: The Debut of the Campaign Bus

The March 28th meeting marked the beginning of the next stage in the iServeU campaign. We’re still having fun, but things are definitely getting serious. 

Here are a few of the highlights from the meeting:

No Democracy Cafe? The team had been considering renting out a specific downtown location for the campaign headquarters. The great thing about the building was that the downstairs was set up as a cafe/bar space. This opened up the possibility of turning it into a Democracy Cafe, a low-maintenance food and drink establishment created to raise awareness and money for the cause. After trying a few options, this had to be shelved because  building owners were unwilling to sign anything shorter than a five-year lease.

The Bus Instead! As an alternative, Paige suggested that the organization buy a bus and convert it into a hybrid campaign headquarter/promotional vehicle. The group was really excited about this idea and quickly ideas began brainstorming how we could use the vehicle to its fullest potential. Parking it in various locations to focus on local issues, or just give out some delicious Democracy Dogs (nothing tastes as good as truly responsible government). The only issue - who gets to drive the bus? We left the meeting with plans for purchasing it. Next up will be a clear plan of how we get it from Edmonton up to Yellowknife.

Website nonsense. A few of the more tech-savy members of the crew discussed the build of the site and how it would function. This provided ample opportunity for the others to zone out and not take very good notes.

iServeU Documentary. The team watched the first part of the iServeU documentary Paige had been working on. The general comments: It looks fantastic.. maybe a few too many.. ahem.. fudges.. maybe we’ll take them out… or maybe we’ll just say fudge it and leave them.

It’s getting real! Paige also introduced a proposed campaign management system that would organize our campaign efforts. The system would track supporters/non-supporters by city block, allowing us to go door to door and identify the places where we are gaining traction and the places where we need to do more work to get people on our side.

Other important topics of discussion.

  • Paige is working on an animation that would explain very clearly a number of topics related to iServeU, not the least important of which is.. how it will work. Plan: to have it play during the commercials at the movie theatre.
  • Ideas were thrown around for events we could put on to promote the cause.
  • Talked about how to pitch the idea to people who don’t know about iServeU or aren’t convinced.

After several hours we finally covered everything that had been done over the last few months and decided to call it a day. Tasks were assigned and everyone broke for the day.