Meet Our Board!

Much of our Board of Directors has been finalized, with just one vacant seat, which we aren’t in talks with anyone to fill as of yet We’d like to take the time to provide some information on our board members, as well as how our board will function.


Much of our Board of Directors has been finalized, with just one vacant seat, which we aren’t in talks with anyone to fill as of yet We’d like to take the time to provide some information on our board members, as well as how our board will function.

First, a note about composition of the board.

Paige Saunders, founder of the society, has chosen to step away from the project’s leadership to focus on other endeavors. Paige will be consulted from time-to-time on technical aspects of the project, but will not be a part of day-to-day leadership of the organization. He is not a member of our board. We are confident that our new technical director — who has been involved with every step of development — is more than qualified to direct the vision of our eDemocracy software. 

Next, let’s talk about how we’ll operate.

Obviously, we believe in collaborative decision-making using direct-democratic principles. With this in mind, we will be opening up our decisions on issues to our membership which, once the software is fully launched, will be used for members of the society to have their input using the very system the society was founded to create. Definitely a different way of looking at board leadership.

So how do you become a member of the society?

In order to become a member of the society, you can pay a monthly membership of as little or as high as you’d like, or donate 15 hours to the society every three months. It’s that easy! Get in contact with us and join up with the most inclusive board of directors in town.

Now, without further adieu, here is a list of our board members with a short biography on the people who will lead the organization on a day-to-day basis.

James Young

Director, Implementation

James Young is a driven, multi-talented professional with an eye to innovation. James has extensive experience in graphic design, geographic information systems, and urban planning. He has travelled extensively and has a visionary view for problem-solving. James came to Yellowknife on a whim to intern on the IserveU eDemocracy project and fell hard for the place. He is the go-to for all big-picture planning and project management.

Jessica Tran

Director, Technical

Jessica Tran is a talented computer programmer who came from Regina, Saskatchewan in early 2015 to intern with Yellowknife publication EDGE after studying at the University of Regina. She soon became involved with IserveU’s work and became the organization’s first intern on the tech side. Jessica played a key role in initial development of the platform and will continue to work tirelessly to ensure all of the system’s technical aspects are attended to.

Ike Saunders

Director, Administration

Ike Saunders is a task-oriented, driven professional with experience in many fields. He has been involved with the organization from the beginning and provided support in the areas of data management, volunteer coordination, and public outreach. With skills as diverse as business administration and writing to graphic design and computer programming, Ike is a huge asset to every team he is part of. Ike is in charge of coordination and administrative tasks for day-to-day operations of the organization.

Mike Westwick

Director, Communications

Mike Westwick is a communications specialist with experience in journalism, public relations, and digital strategy. Upon graduating from Royal Roads University, he moved to Yellowknife to begin work with IserveU as an intern. He is currently employed as a communications officer and is a contributor to EDGE Online. Mike ensures all communications are composed at a high standard and directs communications strategy for IserveU.  

Dane Mason

Director, Political

Dane Mason is a dedicated public servant with expertise in policy analysis, risk management, political theory, and relationship-building. Dane has been involved with the IserveU project from the beginning as one of the founding members, and previously served as the organization’s Director of Communications. Dane came to Yellowknife ten years ago from Nova Scotia and fell in love with the city and its people. Holding a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Victoria, Dane is our go-to on policy analysis and political considerations.

Director, Finance

Vacant - waiting for approval.

We are in talks with an interested party waiting for approval from their workplace. Stay tuned.

Director, Events and Volunteer Coordination


If you or anyone else you know have the drive and passion to take on a coordination role on IserveU’s working board, please get in contact with us at

So, this is us, everyone! Get in contact with us at if you have any questions at all.