Moving Towards 1.0

While we may not be at your doors in the snow any more, our team is still buzzing away behind the scenes to bring Yellowknife’s software to life.  

We’ve also been holding information sessions, beta-testing, and perfecting the software leading up to our full launch.

So What’s Rommel Up To?

Rommel has been getting situated in his council duties and is excited to have the full power of the system at his disposal. He’s insisted on opening up the software to public suggestions ahead of time so he can get an even better idea of what you think about important issues in our city.

Rommel let us know about a few emails asking about how he was using the platform for budget deliberations. The platform is equipped to take in feedback on completed motions placed before council; it’s just not binding until we know Yellowknife is happy with the system. This means feedback on deliberations can still  be given through traditional routes such as Facebook, email, and phone calls; we know Rommel will be happy to hear from you!

The great thing with this platform is it can and will change and evolve as new great ideas are given. There have been some additions already suggested and included during the beta process. This last month has given us a lot to build in for the  2016 budget deliberations.

Annual General Meeting

We also set out our priorities for the future. We were born as an eDemocracy society which is our angle on social innovation. With election campaigns over, our focus for the future builds off our team to more broadly support innovation in the North. We want to work together with creative people in all sectors to bring new ideas to Yellowknife and, eventually, the North. Our first ever Annual General Meeting was held at the public library meeting rooms on December 18 and capped off a crazy first year for an organisation that’s less than a year old.

Our goal for the New Year is to set up monthly collaborative co-working meetings with folks looking to exchange ideas across industry lines, including the arts community, northern entrepreneurs, and non-governmental organizations to create a support network that will  foster innovative northern solutions to northern issues and make Yellowknife an even better place to live. Reach out to us if this sounds interesting; we’re excited to hear from you.

Remember, as always, that we’re here to answer any questions you have moving forward. Get us on Facebook, email, Twitter, or the hotline on our site any time. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Happy New Years everyone!