Our Board

Paige Saunders



Paige was the driving force behind IserveU’s creation — pulling together the team of idealists working to bring participatory decision-making to city politics in Yellowknife. After taking a year off to attend to other professional obligations, Paige is back on board and animating the post-launch phase. He plays a key role in project management and supports ongoing technical development of the platform.  

Mike Westwick



Mike Westwick is a communications specialist with experience in journalism, public relations, and digital strategy. Upon graduating from Royal Roads University, he moved to Yellowknife to begin work with IserveU as an intern. He currently pays his rent doing speechwriting and communications work around town. Mike ensures all communications are composed at a high standard and directs communications strategy for IserveU.  

Carly Bradley

Member At-Large


Carly is an experienced project manager and event producer. She is an IserveU original who managed the massive team of volunteers and saw every event to its successful end during the intense campaign cycle. Carly is the Executive Producer at Folk On The Rocks Society. Her past work includes production management at Eco Fashion Week and various other events in Vancouver, BC.

Victor Dyotte

Technical Critic

Victor is a programmer with proven skills in web design and modern programming languages. His role on the team is to critically analyze decisions and actions done on the technical side of the organization in an effort to keep the ideas fresh. 

Jeremy Flatt

Political Critic

Jeremy is a local business-owner in Yellowknife with prior experience coordinating major projects for NGOs and government. His grounding in political philosophy makes him an ideal candidate to critique and analyze the political direction of the organization. 

Want to get involved?

If you or anyone else you know have the drive and passion to take on a coordination role on IserveU’s working board, please get in contact with us at info@iserveu.ca.