Why Do Candidates Matter?

The system is a hybrid system (see our animation for more information) so it's very important that you vote for the right candidates. Candidates cast your vote for you on the occasions that you don't care to vote, so if one of the IserveU candidates isn't someone you're happy with representing you on those decisions you might not want to vote for them.

Having said that, with IserveU councillor(s), if you ever disagree with them you can get in there and do something about it which means even a candidate you don't always agree with isn't that bad. We think the fact that the candidates are willing to give you that real influence on their decisions, tells you a lot about their character. In the future, the more IserveU councillors on Council, the more influence your vote has when you cast it.

Councillors using IserveU are important because they are representing you on the motions that you choose not to vote on and you want to make sure they are representing you well.