What about tyranny of the majority?

The tyranny of the majority is when decisions made by a majority place its interests above an individual or minority group. It constitutes active oppression and, unfortunately, is inherent to democratic government. In the IserveU system this concern is mitigated further than in most democratic models. Users will be able to comment and read other comments on the issue. The most compelling arguments for either side will appear at the most prominent position on the site. This discussion portion of the platform ensures all sides are fairly represented. No matter the proportion of those for or against, you will have to face the "other side" of any issue when casting your vote.

Concern for the public's ability to vote in the public interest has been a major concern in almost every historical advancement made in the democratic process. In Canada, this was a concern when the vote was extended outside of property owners, then to women, and later, to treaty Aboriginal peoples. Those concerned with the public being unable to responsibly represent the public interest have been consistently left on the wrong side of history.