What if the total number of IserveU users only make up a small portion of eligible voters?

Wouldn’t this create a situation where a small portion of the population could force the hand of the IserveU councillors, and in effect, direct municipal decisions because too many people are not engaged through the IserveU system? 

According to the City of Yellowknife, there are currently approximately 8700 eligible voters*. The 2012 election saw roughly 49% voter turnout—4289 votes**—which is very low. As international, national, and local media coverage continues to ramp up, and our site goes live so people can see the engagement environment, we see participation in the IserveU platform eventually exceeding participation in the current form of governance.

However, during the development of IserveU we had to address the possibility of this scenario. We determined that if under any circumstance there were only a very small group of Yellowknifers that engaged on the system, we would delegate to councillors the virtual votes of all eligible voters in Yellowknife who chose not to use the system, thereby avoiding a small portion of the population forcing the hand of IserveU councillors. 

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