Won’t it take a lot of my time to vote on every council motion?

If you voted on every decision in IserveU, it would require you to be very engaged. However, you don’t always have to vote. If an issue isn’t particularly important to you, your vote is cast by the elected councillor(s) using IserveU. IserveU provides a democratic outlet for any resident who cares about any issue, without any further obligations for issues you aren’t as passionate about.

On issues important to many, there is a real possibility of large voter turnout via IserveU. In these cases, the IserveU vote would serve as a pseudo-plebiscite. While only candidates using IserveU would lodge a vote on behalf of the masses, major voter turnout would show the rest of Council what an engaged portion of the electorate thinks about important issues.

Essentially, IserveU combines the best options of both direct democracy and representative democracy.